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Two Endemic Birds of Latin America & Southeast Asia:
Toucan & Perkutut

These two birds are chosen to represent the identity of Latin America & South Asia Continent. Each bird has their own uniqueness. Toucan has been known for its always-sing habit, therefore it symbolizes the importance of speaking up about the idea and voices of Latin America Countries. On the other hand, perkutut symbolizes established life, welfare, and maturity. It represents the maturity of people and scholars from Southeast Asian Countries.

Batik Mega Mendung & Aztec Pattern

These two patterns represent the uniqueness of each continent’s culture on how they project the meaning of their own existence. Batik Mega Mendung symbolizes the cloud that gives life and fertility. Aztec Pattern symbolizes the value of primitiveness and authenticity, it also refers to the importance of knowing what creates our life and appreciating it.

Five-petaled Mandala

The five-petaled Mandala represents our main institution, Universitas Gadjah Mada, which oversee our two main agenda: the 2nd FEA-LAC Academic Forum & Circular Economy Forum. It represents the radiance of knowledge, virtue, and mindfulness.

The Globe

Globe represents the scope of our event, we hope that UGMIF could be an event that weaves the partnership in knowledge production between Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Universitas Gadjah Mada Internasional Forum For the SEA-LAC Region 2022

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